Had to stop what I was doing and post this. Working on the laptop and stumbled across Romare ‘Come Close To Me’

Thank you @Romare. Insane what music can do to your soul 🎧



It’s been a minute. This tune is absolutely pumpin. Big up fredwave 🌊

I’ve been gone for a minute. I’ll do a recap of what I was listening to this summer.

Starting with Sam Gellaitry – Sam release a body of music called Ideas. My favourite track was ‘Take me back’



Coming at you with 3 old unreleased sam gellaitry tracks both with different vibes. 

First up is ‘Cruz’

Super up tempo, funky track with Sam’s signature sound. 2.07 of pureÂ đŸ”„

Next is ‘Surrender’. Played at his boiler room a while back. Slower with a perfect Doris Day sample over the beat.

‘Sprinkles’ is our last. Super chilled and just a beautiful track.

First time coming across MARTIN $KY through this track w/ Sango. The ex-rapper recently turned producer/beat maker has been releasing 3/4 beats a month. Really liked this track from a guy with a big future in the beat game.

Another shorty, this time from s7eelix, a beat maker based out of Detriot, Michigan. Don’t know much about s7eelix a.k.a Brandon Phillips but liked this beat. Enjoy !


Track from HXNS posted on his mess about sc account. Absolute tune with the Jay Z sample. Wish this was a full track but still 1.28 of this heat is better than nothing.