Love this bouncy mix from DECAP


Debut track from Tone. New up and coming producer/beat maker from N. Ireland.   Loving the summer vibes with a smooth beat topped by vocal sample – The door ‘ Indian Summer’. Pumped to hear his next tracks 👊

Had to stop what I was doing and post this. Working on the laptop and stumbled across Romare ‘Come Close To Me’

Thank you @Romare. Insane what music can do to your soul 🎧


I’ve been gone for a minute. I’ll do a recap of what I was listening to this summer.

Starting with Sam Gellaitry – Sam release a body of music called Ideas. My favourite track was ‘Take me back’



Coming at you with 3 old unreleased sam gellaitry tracks both with different vibes. 

First up is ‘Cruz’

Super up tempo, funky track with Sam’s signature sound. 2.07 of pure 🔥

Next is ‘Surrender’. Played at his boiler room a while back. Slower with a perfect Doris Day sample over the beat.

‘Sprinkles’ is our last. Super chilled and just a beautiful track.

First time coming across MARTIN $KY through this track w/ Sango. The ex-rapper recently turned producer/beat maker has been releasing 3/4 beats a month. Really liked this track from a guy with a big future in the beat game.

Another shorty, this time from s7eelix, a beat maker based out of Detriot, Michigan. Don’t know much about s7eelix a.k.a Brandon Phillips but liked this beat. Enjoy !