Love this bouncy mix from DECAP

Regretz by Villain Park. Insane flow with a smooth bouncy beat. This LA duo are crazy talented. Just wish they came out with more music. Dope.

We need more patience. No I need It Now!

Love this short track from Philadelphia producer/rapper Cloud Atrium. I came across this guy a few months ago who is continuously impressing me with his tracks. One to watch.

Full Crate just dropped this gem to the world.

Featuring theĀ vocals of Trinidad James, who loves gold but hates playing itĀ safe & Bryn Christopher. Trinidad brings the the deep vocals to work with the beat before Big Bryn comes in with the high, Folddd like aĀ … Fold like a magazineeee. Beautiful.

The beat is dope on thisĀ track and the vocals compliment it just right.

”Vogue’ is a record about all those people that choose to think free and enjoy life.’

Deep, Full Crate.Ā Deep.

The icing on the cake of his Vogue EP.