Loved this more up beat, pop tune from Pat Lok. I like the way he explained the writing behind the tune. Adds context when your listenig:

‘This record is a snapshot in time for me. I wrote most of it on tour over the past year, from Tokyo to New York, Los Angeles to Paris, and sonically it reflects that up-and-down pace of the road and my effort to find moments of peace amongst it.’ Pat Lok


Never fails to deliver. The man from Leeds just simply can’t produce average music at the minute. New week always something dope.

Jared Jackson

After teaming up with Soulection, the Cali based producer released ‘A Lovers Bounce’ on ‘Promise Once More’ which introduces a new era of sounds and storytelling, as well as highlights our generations constant battle between situationship vs relationship.

After the success of A Lover Bounce, Jared this week released the funky, upbeat ‘Ndovu do Sul’ as a follow up