Amine’s Album ONEPOINTFIVE, release in early August is a contender for album of the year. Still listening to it on the daily. ‘REEL IT IN’ is a favourite



Joey Purp with his latest track March 12th. Serious flow

Mick Jenkins annouced his new album Pieces Of Man and released this new track.

“Can’t nobody come for me except Kendrick.”

I came across this tune by Nav randomly on Spotify. The guy hasn’t released music since 2011 but still had time to updated to a premium SC account. Seems to have completely stopped music which is sad as this track is a TTunee.

Another Tune with a captial T. Off his ‘Aware’ Mixtape, A slow vibey track from Benny, tight bars with beautiful vocals from Marika Hackman.

Foggie Raw

Jayo, also known as Foggieraw,  is someone who has been on my radar for a while now.

Based out of Maryland, specifically Prince George’s County, Foggie has quickly gained a reputation for his unmistakable trademark voice and his ability to combine nostalgic and futuristic beats and riffs to his music.

Foggie got his name from a Nike basketball commercial with Mo Williams and Kevin Durant rapping, Mo’s name was Fog Raw. After his mates started calling Jayo Fog Raw, he made it his insta name, deleted it and then had to make it @foggieraw.

In the summer of 2012, after influence from friends, he decided music was what he wanted to do. He released his first project: Rice For Breakfast in 2013

“30 and 10” was the track that introduced me and a lot of others to Foggieraw

Many of Foggie’s tracks reflect his faith which is something I personally think creates a connection between him and his listeners. He writes about what he is going through and whats on his heart. Not about chasing money, frame and hoes. It’s refreshing.

My favourite tracks:


All in all – Big fan. Cool guy. Great artist.