Another Tune with a captial T. Off his ‘Aware’ Mixtape, A slow vibey track from Benny, tight bars with beautiful vocals from Marika Hackman.


A banger from London based Benny Mails. Produced by @kidkanevil


I first came across Slowthai late last year, when his track murder popped up on my recommended feed on Spotify. I have since become a massive fan.

It’s safe to say the 23-year-old, Northampton Saint goes hard. Rapping about his routes growing up in Northampton, slowthai brings listeners into his world. His bars are relatable and his sound and image is completely unique.

Considering the number of tracks Slowthai has released, his following is rapidly growing both in the UK and further afield. If he keeps releasing tracks like his latest: ‘Ladies’, celebrating women, I’m certain this is just the start for Slowthai.

Watch his latest performance of Ladies on COLORS

Playlist of my slowthai favourites

This was a spotify find. Don’t know much about Subculture Sage apart from they are 2 guys from London who make great music. Loving the slow vibes of this track. Vibey

Had to stop what I was doing and post this. Working on the laptop and stumbled across Romare ‘Come Close To Me’

Thank you @Romare. Insane what music can do to your soul 🎧


I’ve been gone for a minute. I’ll do a recap of what I was listening to this summer.

Starting with Sam Gellaitry – Sam release a body of music called Ideas. My favourite track was ‘Take me back’



Grime? Yep. From House to Grime. We have it all.

Came across these lads scrolling SC. Not a massive Grime fan but actually loved this album from Kota Dosa

This was my favourite track off the album from Octavian OG, Olly Frostie & Levack – X45

Official Music Video showing big love to the local Chinese takeout.

This is the full album:

Coming at you with 3 old unreleased sam gellaitry tracks both with different vibes. 

First up is ‘Cruz’

Super up tempo, funky track with Sam’s signature sound. 2.07 of pure 🔥

Next is ‘Surrender’. Played at his boiler room a while back. Slower with a perfect Doris Day sample over the beat.

‘Sprinkles’ is our last. Super chilled and just a beautiful track.