we’re back baby…

After going dark in September 2018 we are now back in action. Sorry for the absence. Got a job. The 9-5 started to rule me and my mentality. It’s difficult to keep a clear focus when you are pulled in different directions. This site keeps me grounded. Keeps me creating. I hope it can bring as much value to you as it does to me.

Let’s get back to the music 🎧

– Reubs

Appreciate these lads. Billy Dukes a.k.a Intalekt and GeeFree. My favourite track included in their recently released debut project ‘The Intervention’.

Big things to come.

Amine’s Album ONEPOINTFIVE, release in early August is a contender for album of the year. Still listening to it on the daily. ‘REEL IT IN’ is a favourite