Back At it Again

Just back from a trip to Cannes¬†ūüáęūüá∑¬†and have a lot of new music for you. Listen up.¬†


It’s late and I’m tried. Supah Mario just posted a track that perfectly incapsulates the vibes I want to hear right now.

This super chilled track is just flipping beautiful.

Coming at you with 3 old unreleased sam gellaitry tracks both with different vibes. 

First up is ‘Cruz’

Super up tempo, funky track with Sam’s¬†signature sound. 2.07 of pure¬†ūüĒ•

Next is ‘Surrender’. Played at¬†his boiler room a while back. Slower with a perfect Doris Day sample over the beat.

‘Sprinkles’ is our last. Super chilled and just a beautiful track.

Full Crate just dropped this gem to the world.

Featuring the¬†vocals of Trinidad James, who loves gold but hates playing it¬†safe & Bryn Christopher. Trinidad brings the the deep vocals to work with the beat before Big Bryn comes in with the high, Folddd like a¬†… Fold like a magazineeee. Beautiful.

The beat is dope on this track and the vocals compliment it just right.

”Vogue’ is a record about all those people that choose to think free and enjoy life.’

Deep, Full Crate. Deep.

The icing on the cake of his Vogue EP.

First time coming across MARTIN $KY through this track w/ Sango. The ex-rapper recently turned producer/beat maker has been releasing 3/4 beats a month. Really liked this track from a guy with a big future in the beat game.

Jåmvvis with a remix of Childish Gambino Рthe worst guys. Beat and cuts makes the track super smooth. Can really hear all the small details the work Jåmvvisin put into it when compared with original. Dope.

All she needed was um…

MARI – Artist In Depth

Welcome to our first ‘Artist In Depth’

One of the¬†aims for BeatsByWay is to highlight fresh¬†exciting¬†music. ‘Artist In Depth’ will be a series of posts highlighting¬†the artists behind the music.

I am kicking off the series with a Chicago Rapper, Mari.

I came across Mari’s – Living Coloured track on my Soundcloud last week and loved it.

I decided to dive deeper to find more about him:

Demarius ‚ÄúMari‚ÄĚ Edwards began his music career at Williams College.¬† The Chicago-born rapper/singer/producer, is still relatively new to the music scene but is¬†rapidly growing.

He has developed his own distinct mix¬†of¬†‚Äúlyrically rich raps, melodic choruses, and spacey, soulful instrumentals.‚ÄĚ

I have read up on Mari and you can just get a real sense of the guy’s passion for what he does. You can hear in everything Mari puts out that there is deep meaning behind the lyrics. He thinks about the bigger picture stuff and tackles a lot of real issues.

When he was talking to Willaims Records, Mari said this about his 2nd EP:

Living Colored¬†is an album about double-consciousness, about me trying to speak to two different things going on inside my head and it stems from my experiences of where I come from and where I went to. Those two things I guess I‚Äôm speaking to are, how do you speak to people from your community? From the hood? I‚Äôd say the second part of it is figuring out how to bring that into context with the more dominant culture.¬†Living Colored¬†is trying to negotiate those two consciousnesses into one voice.’

Since the album, Mari has consistently been producing and releasing tracks including a series called #MariMondays.

I want to end all of the Artist In Depth with a Playlist of my personal favourites. I went through Mari Soundcloud and these are the tracks I thought were dope. Enjoy

Super chilled track from Abraham blue. A 20 year old vocalist Рproducer Рwriter based in Antwerp, Belgium flipped by Magic Flower. Love what Magic Flower has done with this track making it a little faster keeping the Belgians unique sound. Dope