It’s important to mix it up. To have different songs for different moods. Love this produced by Sly5thAve 🎷

Sammy & Johnny Bennett – Titta Fram.

These lads are mad. Twins from Sweden with a completely unique flow. They seem to be getting good recognition and won ‘Best Newcomer’ at the Swedish Grammy Awards. Could see S&J going big over the next year or so. Love it 

Jåmvvis with a remix of Childish Gambino – the worst guys. Beat and cuts makes the track super smooth. Can really hear all the small details the work Jåmvvisin put into it when compared with original. Dope.

All she needed was um…

Jared Jackson

After teaming up with Soulection, the Cali based producer released ‘A Lovers Bounce’ on ‘Promise Once More’ which introduces a new era of sounds and storytelling, as well as highlights our generations constant battle between situationship vs relationship.

After the success of A Lover Bounce, Jared this week released the funky, upbeat ‘Ndovu do Sul’ as a follow up